Glass is fragile, and sometimes it breaks. Luckily, at, we can restore your useless glass back to its original glory! Our expert glassblowers use the utmost care in bringing your cherished glass pieces back to life. But first, you have to do your part:





Instructions for Repair:


 Step 1:


Determine if your glass is repairable. If it is in three or more pieces, it probably is not.


We specialize in repairing broken:


* Glass on Glass Fittings (Joints) – $79.99

* Bases – $89.99

* Internal Perculators – $99.99

* and Assassinations - $99.99



 Step 2:


Clean! Clean! Clean your glass completely!

It is important to remove all residue from glass.

Any and all ‘dirty” glass pieces received will be disgarded immediately!!!

We assume no responsibilty or liabilty for any glass pieces sent to us.


Step 3:


Measure your glass piece to determine the box size needed for packing and shipping. Most glass pieces fit nicely in a 6″ x 6″ x 28” box… and most ship for under $15-20 via UPS, FedEx, ect.  Make sure you protect your product well with crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, and/or anything suitable to prevent fragile glass from moving around too much.


Step 4:


Fill out the printable repair order form by clicking here. Then, send the completed form with your package to our studio.


 Step 5


We will contact you via email to notify you that we have received your package and to confirm the work order.  We will begin repairs once payment has been made below.


*****Remember to clean well, pack well, and all will be well!*****



Note:  We make no guarantees that we can repair any glass pieces sent to us.  Nor do we assume any liabilities for those pieces received.  Glass can sometimes crack or break for a number of reasons that we or anyone else have no control over.  We can assure you that we will use the utmost care upon receiving your glass piece and will gladly compensate you generously if we are negligent.  Nevertheless, you are sending at your own risk.


Please contact us with any questions or comments. 


Glass Repairs
Glass Repairs
1) Select the repair job below. 2) Include a description of your glass piece in the instructions box. 3) Don't forget to print out repair form and send along with package.
Price: $79.95+

Select Repair Job :